Long training’s concept


Exclusive and Complete

Our school created and finalized for the first time in the world an original and complete professional concept of training over 17 weeks that allows you to the training course ” Master of the Dessert Profession”.

Stage à la carte

We organize at your request, long training courses at your choice according to the duration, subjects and availability of the trainee.

Every trainee will have a practical training period in the Olivier BAJARD workshop, on Fridays and Saturdays according to the organization.


The program are adapted  for anyone even for the beginners with or without Professional experiences, motivated and keen to learn quickly in order to qualify to the profession of pastry chef-chocolate-maker, ice cream maker or plated dessert pastry chef.


All the training courses are organised by the greatest professional Pastry Chefs of the moment.

These 16 weeks training offer an exceptional and intense source of information adapted to those who wish to learn and to qualify quickly for the trade of Pastry Chocolate Ice-Cream Maker.
All aspects and specificities of the profession will be taken up and developed by Olivier Bajard or by professionals recognized internationally, with contemporary, innovative and personal methods.

The setting, the tools, the human qualities and high skills of the instructors will allow the trainees to progress rapidly and to blossom in the accomplishment of their works. Each training will take place in a group limited so that everyone can express himself/herself easily in a serene and efficient way.

In the program: theory, reflection, organization, management, creation, technique, tricks and much practice…

At the end of the training, the trainees can complete their knowledge and professional experience in a well-recognized firm. Depending on requests and availability, the school will advise and guide you.
Every trainee will have a practical training period in the Olivier BAJARD workshop, on Fridays and Saturdays according to the organization.
At the end of training, students can complete their work experience in a well-known company.