Thierry Bamas


Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry chef

World Champion Iced desserts


“From the pastry, I extract my passion, my flavours, my desire.
If the pastry develops in me this passionate side, it is only because it had allow me to express my sensitivity. This sensitivity drives me to define a wild rang of tastes and textures, anchored in the flavours of my childhood.”
Our job is not only to create daily products, but also to insure a regularity in tastes and flavours. This is only affordable through high quality raw material entering my compositions.

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Thierry BAMAS share with talent and simplicity its last recipes of cake pastry. You will discover its conception, his organization and its magnificent tastings.


From 07th to 09th October 2019
Duration : 3 days – 24 hours
Teacher : Thierry Bamas
Fee: 1 166.67 € without taxes – 1 400 € with taxes – breakfast and lunch included

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