Our strengths

A place of inspiration

• Assets for your career
Discover new things, develop new skills & make new connections.

• Unique, family atmosphere
Limited group (maximum 12 participants per session) of multicultural trainees of different levels who will support each other in sharing and learning around the same passion.

• Quality and rigorous learning
Modern and luminous work spaces; latest generation, functional and efficient equipment; quality raw materials and transmission by renowned professionals.

Find a dynamic and multicultural living space.

Extraordinary memories

• Exceptional program
Prepares you for the future of the sector & Allows you to develop professionally.

• Key speakers
Well-known, experienced and educational chefs. The courses are given in French or English depending on the speaker.

• Creations at home
At the end of our courses, you will be able to enjoy your unique creations at home.

Take part in a unique professional experience !

Perpignan & its region

• Exceptional location
Located in the south of France, enjoy a dream setting between the sea and the mountains.

• Hidden treasure
The region offers many treasures through its exceptional landscapes, its history, its inhabitants, its shopkeepers, its restaurateurs…. Breezy under the Mediterranean sun, you will be charmed by this singular and endearing land.

The Centre of the World“, as Salvador Dali said.