Learn the demands of the pastry-making profession. Inherit an exceptional know-how. Enhance your talent. Cultivate your identity.
Turn your passion into a profession!

Welcome to the International School of Patisserie

The Story

Olivier Bajard has been involved for years in conveying and perpetuating the know-how of the French Pastry, Chocolate and Ice Cream industry.

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Our Values

Excellence both in the quality, taste and aesthetics of the products and in the gestures and technique.
Creativity and anticipation
to capture new trends.
pleasure, know-how and experience.

Our Assets

Within our training courses, you will find both a technical and creative approach.

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Our Services

Professionals – Continuous and complete learning sessions, advanced training or creative courses, find the training that meets your requirements.
– Training and advice tailored by Olivier Bajard to meet your professional needs.
– Creative and gourmet workshops to please yourself and others

The Trainers

Share the experience, know-how and techniques of renowned chefs!

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