Practical Information



  • Be of age
  • Have a minimum level in French or English
  • Want to join the professional world of the food industry

Each participant can choose in advance the duration of their training and the theme of the session they wish from the proposed programme.

Discover the program

Due to the limited number of places in each session (12 maximum), we advise you to register at least 3 months before the start date.

2 days (16 hours) : 1 100 € INCL. VAT – 916.67 € EXCL. VAT
3 days (24 hours) : 1 400 € INCL. VAT – 1  166.67 € EXCL. VAT

Includes breakfast and lunch

4 weeks (96 hours) : 5 300 € INCL. VAT – 4 416.67 EXCL. VAT
5 weeks (120 hours) : 6 600 € INCL. VAT – 5 500 EXCL. VAT
6 weeks (144 hours) : 7 900 € INCL. VAT – 6 583.33 EXCL. VAT
7 weeks (168 hours) : 9 200 € INCL. VAT – 7 666.67 EXCL. VAT
8 weeks (192 hours) : 10 500 € INCL. VAT – 8 750 EXCL. VAT
9 weeks (216 hours) : 11 800 € INCL. VAT – 9 833.33 EXCL. VAT

Includes professional clothing* and breakfast

*Professional outfit : 2 embroidered jackets, 2 trousers and 1 tabler


If the sessions are full, remember to put yourself on the waiting list, as places may become available.

Booking conditions

Postponement of a booking

Any candidate enrolled in one of the programmes may request a postponement of the course, without penalty, provided that the request is made in writing 10 days before the start of the course. This postponement is accepted subject to the school organising other sessions during the year following the postponement request.
In this case, the applicable course fees will remain those in force on the date of receipt of the request for transfer.

The maximum duration of the deferral is one year from the date of the initial entry.
The amount paid (deposit or full amount) will be retained by the school as a fee for the deferred session.

Cancellation of a reservation

Any cancellation at the request of a candidate must be made in writing (letter or e-mail) 20 days before the first day of the course, in order to receive a full refund of the sums paid, minus an administrative fee of 500 Euros.
A registered candidate who cancels in writing 20 days before the first day of the course, due to force majeure or presentation of a medical certificate, will be refunded the full amount paid, less an administration fee of 500 Euros.
The refund will be made within 30 days of the cancellation request.
In all other cases, the cancellation request cannot be accepted and no refund will be made.

Receive reimbursement

French residents

The course fees can be financed by a training insurance fund, OPCO or others. The Olivier Bajard International Pastry School’s training courses are part of the company’s training plan.
If you are an employee of a company that has recourse to short-time working, or if you are a training manager and would like to set up financed training courses for your employees, these courses are eligible for the FNE scheme (€1,250 excluding tax paid per employee) and we can help you to set up your course quickly.
Do not hesitate to apply for reimbursement of the course in order to benefit from your training budget.

 The procedure to follow

1 / Ask your accountant for the name of your collecting body at least 1 month before the date of the chosen course.

2 / Make the request for reimbursement on the website of the collecting organisations :
For employees :
– Pastry / Bakery OPCO EP – Tel: 01 53 00 86 00 –
– Hotel / Restaurant AKTO – Tel: 01 44 71 99 00 –
For the company manager : Employer FAFCEA – Tel: 0153010522 –

3 / Send us your registration request. On receipt, we will send you, as soon as possible, the estimate, the agreement and the detailed programme. Once the file is complete, send it to your organisation.

4 / Please inform us of the acceptance of your application by the collecting body and send us a copy of the agreement to cover the costs.

5 / After the course, we will send you the receipted invoice and attendance certificate signed by the International Pastry School for your reimbursement.

The training action falls into the category of professional training actions. Our training centre is Datadock registered.


EU and non-EU residents

For all trainees working in a company within or outside the European Community and on presentation of the company’s intra-Community number, the training services will not be subject to VAT (instruction of 4 January 2010 code 3A-110).
On the other hand, companies outside the European Community will have to pay VAT in their country.
For individuals residing in a foreign country and who come as individuals, the training services will be subject to VAT.