Presently, the trade of Pastry – Chocolate – Ice-Cream Maker is undergoing a fast and constant evolution.
To invest in a specialized and adapted training allows you to answer your questions and expectations efficiently.

The quality of the trainings content will allow you to develop your knowledge, to broaden your individual creativity and to respond to the market’s competitiveness and demands..

– The French Pastry
– Plated desserts and Desserts called « à la minute »
– The Chocolate
– The Confectionary
– The Ice-cream and it’s technology
– The Artisitic Sugar
– The Pastry Caterer
– The Bakery
– The Viennese pastry

L’Ecole Internationale de Pâtisserie suggests innovating trainings called: « L’Esprit des Grands Chefs »

These trainings are intended to make you understand professionalism and the personality of the contemporary French and foreign Grand Chefs. You will discover their latest creations in various domains like chocolate, pastry, confectionary and ice cream.

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