Lilian Bonnefoi

Chef pâtissier

Chef Pâtissier à l’hôtel

du Cap Eden Roc à Antibes


Lilian Bonnefoi is not an ordinary pastry chef, he settled in his profession as an artist in his studio. He shapes his cakes like sculptures, works whose chromatic palette extends between the different variations of chocolates, the freshness of the fruits, the power of coulis and jams, pastels of creams…

And although he has preserved from his learning the academic rules of pastry, he does not hesitate to escape to a creative world of which he is the only one to know the sinuosities.

Whether classic or Tatin, new creations, reminiscent of old-fashioned desserts. Eclairs, traditional or exotic, Paris-Brest, choux à la poire, savarins, revisited operas and other representatives of the french pastry.


Lilian Bonnefoi will propose you to discover his new chromatic palette of desserts “made with taste”.
He shapes his pastries like an artist, in his dessert menu you will find chocolate variations, the freshness and power of the fruits and their coulis, the sweetness and creaminess of the cream…
An outstanding talent for much appreciated tastings.

From 19th to 21th October 2020

Formateur : Lilian Bonnefoi

Chef Pâtissier à l’hôtel Cap Eden Roc Antibes

Duration 3 days – 24 hours

Price : 1166.67 € without taxe – 1400 € with taxes

Breakfast and lunches are included

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