Spirit and Hand

Spirit and Hand

Piece made entirely of sugar for the final of the Best Pastry Chef of France (MOF) competition.

My Passion

Pastry, chocolate and ice cream is a refined, sensual and delicate art.

As a pastry chef, my pleasure is to practice it while communicating happiness and generosity. Thus, it is with a constant spirit of questioning that I exercise my passion and that I transmit my love of work well done.

The respect of people and tradition allows me to cross the boundaries of everyday life and to exalt my sensitivity.

My satisfaction results from developing, creating and enhancing everything that touches the taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch.

My Land

The Roussillon is a land of welcome, which comes alive with the wind under the Mediterranean sun. Bordered by the sea and the Pyrenees, we find here a rich and diversified land. The women and men who live here, value without counting the cost of this region marked by Catalan tradition.

I draw my inspiration daily by discovering and tasting the quintessence of the exceptional products of this beautiful country. My creations respect the time, the culture and the attachment to this land. My job as a pastry chef allows me to reflect the intelligence of the heart through the delicacy, using in the most beautiful way that it is what Mother Nature offers me in each season.

My story

Coming from a gastronomic background, the profession of pastry chef – chocolate maker – ice cream maker fascinated me from the age of 4.

Indeed, the daily application of my parents to their task was a revelation for me. From then on, at the age of 15, I set off on the roads of the Tour de France, learning and practising with passion the “love of a job well done” in a company with very great professionals.

I also prepared for numerous competitions and followed various professional training courses in order to enrich myself and acquire the bases that would allow me to express myself fully.

The meetings and advice of Best Pastry Chef of France (MOF) such as Gabriel Paillasson, Alain Guinet, Bernard Huguet and Pascal Caffet were certainly decisive. A series of successes followed, such as obtaining the title of “One of the Best Craftsmen in France” and the World Championship of the Dessert Industry.

From then on, I began my first experiences in the world of training, passing on my experience, my knowledge and my love of my profession in France and throughout the world.

Afterwards, it became a vocation and every day, I fully savour this happiness.

At the same time, I am involved in the organisation of numerous national and international competitions in order to convey and perpetuate the know-how of the French Pastry, Chocolate and Ice Cream industry.

After numerous requests, in 2005, I created my own pastry consulting and training company in Perpignan. I provide short and long term training courses adapted to professionals and the general public.

Today, you can find my delicacies in our shops in Perpignan and Collioure.

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