World Champion of Sweet Arts

The Spirit

A taste shared by the family

The Béziat family and the bakery is a long love story. Already the parents and uncles practiced the trade. Affected by the same passion, Loïc and his twin brother Cédric also launched themselves into the profession. Loïc Béziat specializes in the field of pastry and wins in passing a few titles like Best Apprentice of France (2012) and World Champion of Sweet Arts (2018).
In 2018, Loïc and Cédric created their store – bakery, pastry shop, chocolate shop and tea room in Cahors. Complementary, one handles the pastry and the other the bakery. They share a common vision of the business and a clear objective: to satisfy their customers, to create pleasures accessible to everyone on a daily basis. They work with high quality raw materials. Loïc’s pastries are modern, light in texture with a perfect dosage of sugar. The products made are rational and adapted to the customers. By keeping this authenticity and the fundamentals of a French bakery-pastry shop, they stand out very clearly from their competitors.

We remain committed to our line of conduct, to remain attached to the terroirs, to the tastes, always to make quality products at an affordable cost.” Loïc and Cédric Béziat

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Bakery, Pastry, Chocolate, Tearoom, Catering in Cahors


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