Best Pastry Chef of France (MOF)

The Spirit

A young Best Pastry Chef of France (MOF), Patrice Ibarboure has been immersed in the restaurant business since his childhood. When he finished school, it was obvious for him to follow in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents…. Passionate about pastry, he joined the Fauchon team in Paris.

It was a revelation. I loved the finesse of the work, the precision and beauty of the gestures, a real goldsmith’s work !” Patrice Ibarboure.

There followed a journey rich in experience. He then decided to join the family nucleus and his brother Xabi Ibarboure in Bidart, La Table des Frères Ibarboure. It was then that he took up the game of competitions and obtained the title of Best Pastry Chef of France (MOF).

A perfectionist and artist at heart, he approaches the creation of his desserts as a real challenge.

Always looking for ideas for his desserts and artistic sugar creations, share an intense training course with this great professional.

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Restaurant Les Frères Ibarboure in Bidart


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Share the passion for sweet art and pastry-making of this outstanding chef.