Best Chocolatier Confectioner Chef of France (MOF)

The Spirit

An impressive career

Compagnon du devoir, Assistant at the Yssingeaux school, Competitions: Pascal Caffet Trophy (2000 – 1st prize), Sibenaler International Chocolate Grand Prix (2002 – 1st artistic prize), Best Chocolatier Confectioner Chef of France (MOF – 2007 and 2011) and other regional chocolate competitions such as Annecy, Marignane, Dijon ….

The art of excellence and precision are on the agenda

In Châteaurenard, between Saint-Rémy de Provence and Avignon, lies a true creator of sweets: Frédéric Hawecker, Best Chocolatier Confectioner Chef of France (MOF). In the heart of a century-old pastry shop that was taken over by his brother Guillaume (2002), the chocolate and confectionery maker creates original, balanced and tasty delicacies that cannot be ignored. In 2019, they were awarded the “EPV” label (living heritage company).

One of his passions

Known for his ability to surprise with taste and texture, he passes on his know-how and experience as a Chocolate and Confectionery Consultant and Trainer.

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