Meilleur ouvrier de France Chocolatier – Confiseur


Frédéric Hawecker, after having practiced through France as “a compagnon du devoir” during 7 years, worked as an assistant to the ENSP training staff in Yssingeaux for 1 year. During this time, he started the high level competitions:

2000- trophée Pascal Caffet (1rst Price)
2001-Nantes serbotel, 2nd (qualification grand prix international de chocolaterie Sibenaler)
2002- 1rst artistic price  grand prix international de chocolaterie Sibenearsaler
and other regional compétitions in chocolat like Annecy, Marignane, Dijon….
2007-finalist MOF chocolatier
2011-finalist Mof chocolatier et laureate

In 2002, whith his brother Guillaume, he takes over a centenarian Pastry-Chocolate shop in Chateaurenard, a city in the heart of Provence.

Frédéric also works as a consultant for the Chocolaterie de l’Opéra also situated in Chateaurenard, a Partner since his beginnings in 2002.

With them, he presents many démonstrations across the word (Middle Est, Asie, Europe…). Expert in the preparation of the ganaches and technology, he acts as a consultant for firms for the development of new products or the improvement of existing receipes.

Frédéric also teaches in Professional schools in France and through the world.

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Frederic HAWECKER offers a full training on confectionery. In the program you will cover the following: fruit jellies, liqueurs, various nougats, caramels, candied fruits, almond pastes, modeling, licorice, jelly, jams, rocks, stuffed fruits, straw sugar, chocolates, pastries, guivmauves, dragees among others.

From 30th September to 02nd October 2019
Duration 3 days namely 24 hours
Formateur : Frederic Hawecker
Price : 1166.67 € without taxes – 1400 € with taxes

breakfast and lunch included

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