A revolutionary machine that is precise and complete in the dosing of coating and/or fodder.
Do you want to optimise your production for greater efficiency?
Remy Pourcharet, production manager at Olivier Bajard, will answer all your questions about the practical use and the economic and commercial repercussions of the One Shot Knobel.


To enable each trainee to improve the organisation of their production.

Targeted skills

  • Acquire the fundamental knowledge and master the techniques for working with the One Shot Knobel
  • Integrate the optimisation of working techniques for rational creations
  • Learn a method of organising your own work
  • Business analysis and pricing
From September 19 to 20, 2022
Duration 2 days (16 hours)
Limited to 12 persons
Professional Experience & Diploma
916.67 € EXCL. TAX – 1 100 € INCL. TAX
Breakfast and lunch included
International Pastry School
in Perpignan


Pastry and Chocolate Chef
Production manager at Olivier Bajard

A pragmatic and generous chef who will pass on his know-how and experience, particularly in the organisation of production.


  • Be of legal age
  • Wish to join / be in the professional world of the food industry


The International School of Patisserie team is at your disposal for any questions or additional information

E-mail :  contact@olivier-bajard.com
Phone : 04 68 38 78 85